Xtra8 comes from a high up source in the Gangwon Province a remote region surrounded by towering hills, in the North East part of South Korea. Our global quest for the very best quality water spanned from India, Nepal, New Zealand, Japan to Russia and Europe. This South Korean Water Source location proved to offer the most accessible, best quality water that provided additional vital minerals than other potential sources. This region is an untouched region, uncontaminated by man and the tests carried on its water source demonstrated that Xtra8 water to be one amongst the best in the world, however with extra beneficial qualities.

The name XTRA8 was chosen simply because our water is Alkaline with extra minerals Vanadium and Selenium, which are vital to our well being, which offers extra health benefits than other waters. 8 was principally chosen as it is the average pH level of our alkaline water. However it is aptly the symbol of infinity or long life, hence good health.

In Asia 8 is a lucky number, indicating wealth, abundance and power. In the Middle East, 8 is synonymous with the 8 pointed star, also known as the Breath of God. In numerology 8 signifies overall harmony and balance.

Hence Xtra8 signifies our Natural Alkaline water that promotes balance, wealth, health and a long life.

a) Spring Water is obtained from a source which flows naturally to the surface.

b) Artesian Water is extracted from a well originating from an underground source.

c) Purified or Distilled water comes from any source and has been through processes like distillation, deionization or reverse osmosis.

d) Mineralized water is purified or distilled water with chemically added minerals.

e) Natural Mineral water comes from several sources but has been qualified as a mineral water. The water must not have any additives and must have naturally occurring minerals.

Our water is as natural and pure as Mother Earth intended it to be.

Xtra8 Water is a pure natural water with nothing added, the minerals are naturally occurring and Xtra8 is also a natural Alkaline water.

Our pure water flows down from its initial source and is naturally filtered through 150meters of hard rock, where it is then extracted and bought to the surface. First, the water flows through a high-energy UV exposure unit, which is an environmentally-friendly method to ensure that there are no bacteria in the water.

Then as a second stage process, it passes through a microfiltration process to remove any unwanted solid particles. So the XTRA8 water is pure, clean and natural, no chemicals have been used in the treatment process and nothing has been added to the water before bottling.

Yes, as our PET bottle is recyclable so it is considered eco-friendly.

Its unique combination of minerals which include 2 minerals; Vanadium and Selenium, that are not common, but vital for good health. 2. It’s an Alkaline water known for its healing qualities and much better in hydrating the body.

We have a plan in place to produce flavored waters, always using Xtra8 as the base water with real ingredients dissolved in the water for a natural flavor with no additional additives or sugars. Whilst water should always be our number choice, sometimes it's nice to have a different flavor, but that does not mean it cannot be natural and flavored with a beneficial element. Our concept will always be to produce natural products that promote good health.

Yes, our product has all the elements of being a premium water, Xtra8 stands proudly in quality, health benefits, taste and elegance as good as many of the other top brands. However, Xtra8 comes without the price Tag that often goes with the title of premium water. Our objective was not to be an expensive brand “premium water”.

Our aim is to simply distribute the very best quality water with as many health benefits as possible, at the very best cost we can. We believe it is everybody’s worldly right to have the choice to drink the very best water they can.

Our bodies need to be hydrated well in order for our bodily functions to work. Water is vital for our survival. We are on average 70% water, it flows in our blood, which is the transportation channel for essential nutrients and minerals into our cells.

Water flushes out the waste of unwanted toxins, whilst ensuring our brain and vital organs function and that our joints are lubricated. We can go weeks without food, but only days without water, so it is most important that we drink water daily. Water is Life.

This is a great question, on average it is said we should drink at least 2 to 3 Liters of water per day, however, this depends on several factors like the quality of water, the pH of the water, the climate one lives in, one’s diet and how physically active one is.

It is best to drink small amounts throughout all day, always drink when thirsty and when urine starts to turn yellowish, this is a sign that the body is not hydrated properly.

This is the logo for our company, Live and Love Group Ltd of which XTRA8 is an owned product brand. Live and Love Group Ltd is a company dedicated to producing and distributing life promoting products.

The geometric symbol on the bottle cap is known as the “seed of Life”, it is an ancient symbol used by ancient cultures across the world. It is the fundamental beginning of sacred geometry. A 7 sphere representation can be viewed as the 7 days of creation from which all life came and the growth pattern of life.

This symbol is also a 2 D representation of the 3D image of 8 living cells in its growth path of life. When it is expanded in all directions it becomes the “flower of life” which then becomes the “fruit of life”. This pattern’s expansion can carry on expanding to infinity and hence representing the contents of all things in the cosmos along with all aspects in our physical reality, through its geometry it holds all the constructs, vibrations, maths, rules and patterns of all life, it is the matrix of our world and the universe we live in.

The “seed of life” is embedded in our DNA and it is a symbol our subconscious mind recognizes as being the foundation and essence of Life. As Live and Love is a life promoting company this symbol was chosen to invoke the primordial element of Life itself.

Much researches in the last 2 decades have proved that water has a memory, and conscious. Positive words have a positive effect on the structure of water. For further reference and information check out Dr. Masaro Emoto ice water crystal studies and Nobel Prize laureate Luc Montagnier work on the water having memory.
The structure of the water is most important for optimum absorption in the body’s cells, hence much better for hydrating the body.

From a metaphysical point of view, positive words bring positive situations in life. Science has also proved this, positive words of Love nurtures life and have a positive healing effect on the body. Drinking water that is well structured, or “live water” has beneficial effects in the body.