Amazing Xtra8 Water is Pure Conscious vitality in a bottle.

Natural water has amazing properties, scientific research in the past few decades has revealed that water has a memory and is indeed conscious. Water reacts to its environment, its structure changes according to the influences it is subjected to. The award-winning work of Dr. Emoto Masaru proved that the geometrical forms of ice crystals of water changed when exposed to words, music, people or the environment. We put our Xtra8 water to the test and sent a sample to the Emoto water research laboratory in Japan. The first sample A was bottled water straight from our source and sample L was our labeled bottled water with words of love and our Live and Love company logo. The results were astounding, it can be clearly seen that the structure of the water at source (Sample A) has an already good structure reflecting a straight hexagonal form which indicates the water to be active and of a positive vitality.   After the water is subject to the words of love on our label Love, Joy, Peace, Truth, and Thankyou (Sample L) the structure of the water became more clear, complex and geometrically pleasing. Further information on the phenomenon of water can be found in the following videos:


Sample A, XTRA8 bottled water direct from the source with no label:

Sample L,  XTRA8 bottled water with Label with our Logo and words of Love: